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Apothecaries-Angie Dicken The Yellow Lantern Summer Blog Series

“What, ho! Apothecary!” -Romeo, Romeo and Juliet
This month, we are focusing on Josie Clay’s passion for healing. In her day, apothecaries were the men (and women) whom villagers would seek out for salves, tinctures, and elixirs. While I could unload research items here—I thought I’d take a different route and share my personal connections with Josie’s passion.
There are a couple precursors for my apothecary inspiration. Besides the obvious connection to the evolving medical community of the time, my own background plays a part. It’s always fun to get to the root of something, isn’t it? (Pun fully intended).
One of the secondary characters in The Yellow Lantern is Daisy Young, the town of Gloughton’s apothecary and family friend to the hero. While Daisy’s character played out in my own imagination, she was first dreamed up as a tribute to a very real person in my life.
I think the first time I heard the word “apothecary” was when I played Juliet my senior year of high school. My best…

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