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Modern conveniences

This past weekend, my family and I experienced life without a modern convenience, our air conditioning unit. Two days ago the repairman, wringing with sweat came out of the fiery abyss of an attic and instructed my husband and I that it would take two days to get the "coil" for the unit. We sent him off with a gallon of water and quickly headed out in search of an elusive window unit.

 Truthfully, I hadn't thought of one of those since we lived in upstate New York over eighteen years ago. The home we purchased did not have central air. By the second day of summer, we went out and got several window units. But I digress, back to the story, at the third stop we found a lone window unit sitting on the shelf. Hallelujah!

After my husband got it set up, everyone moved into our family room. By everyone I mean the show bunny Willow was brought downstairs in her home and the dog and cat stayed nearby. Our one daughter attending college locally joined in. The three of us rounded…