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Pumpkin delight!

My oldest daughter was coming home from college for the summer. I wanted to make a special treat for her, she loves all things pumpkin. So much so that in the fall my husband and I take two loaves of pumpkin bread to her at A & M when we visit.

Instead of pumpkin bread for her arrival, I wanted to make something more decadent. I recalled a delicious recipe from Aunt Jane, my wonderful aunt I am fortunate to call family after my husband and I married. She's a fantastic cook, her mother whom we called Grannie could make a delicious dinner in no time flat. I'm talking NASCAR pit-crew fast. Aunt Jane seems to have that rare talent as well. At Christmas, she makes over six dozen cookies to take to church parties and friend's homes. All different varieties and each one absolutely delicious. This past Christmas we had the chance to visit her in Florida, she'd prepared a feast along with homemade apple pie and ice cream. My girls have mentioned several times since how won…