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I've signed up for a writer's conference now what?

This weekend during DFW's Fledgling Writer's Camp I had the pleasure of presenting five steps to enhance a conference-goers experience. For newer writers out in the blogosphere, I wanted to share my quick steps with you.

The first would be to research what kind of conference fits your writing genre and market. Is it fiction or nonfiction? Do you write for the Christian Booksellers Association or American Booksellers Association? How much time do you have to spend attending a conference? A day, weekend or a week? Will you stay local, branch out farther to a national conference or travel to an international conference? Cue the Jeopardy music . . .

After you've decided, you'll need to take some "accessories" with you such as your smartphone, laptop, writing implements, business cards, your one-sheet (back cover blurb with your tagline, headshot, contact information and photo associated with the book theme). During some conferences, when you meet with an industr…