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I'm bringing back a post that I feel might resonate with many of you. (Joy K. Massenburge you might remember conversation). 

Because He is limitless. 

The other day I was talking with one of my most precious friends whose name truly describes her, Joy. We both are deep into our manuscripts and were discussing various stumbling blocks that had kept us from working. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, regular everyday things.

We agreed it's important to keep on the path. Pray harder. One of Jesus' disciples Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 4:7 "I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the Faith."  

My sweet eleventh grade Sunday School teacher Mrs. Cox used to say, "put feet to your prayers." Her wise words have stuck with me all these years. Don't sit back, do as you pray.

Joy and I discussed some plans we had for the future as writers. A lot bigger than some things I've ever done before, taking "a leap of faith." She wisely …

When the rubber hits the road . . .

"A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles." -Tim Cahill

Friends, it's the time of year that I turn into the character from the old story of "Henny Penny." She runs around thinking the sky is falling, not paying attention to what is around her. I am the farthest thing from this placid woman in the photo.

I'll share with you why . . .

All those cute packing "helpers" you can buy are intriguing, yet useless when it's me against my well-used American Tourister luggage. Inevitably, I coax a family member to zip it while I sit on top of it. Am I overpacking much? You bet! That light-weight sweater might come in handy for the super-chilled conference rooms, also the sixth pair of shoes that are the perfect color for that one outfit are tossed inside the groaning suitcase. Those cute zippered packing devices are no match for my disorganized chaos.

Where are you going you ask? My friends and I are embarking on a car ride from Texas to Na…

Conference Time Frenzy with Joy K. Massenburge

This week's blog is about conference attendance and some ways to feel at ease. The guest host is Author and narrator, Joy K. Massenburge, she's never met a stranger and you feel comfortable right away after meeting her. Thank you Joy for stopping by the blog!
Thank you, Stacy, for allowing me to share my conference experiences on your blog. 
Uncontrolled excitement? Temporary madness? A violent mental or emotional agitation?

If you started experiencing any of the above symptoms at the onset of September, you may be suffering from conference time frenzy. You’re not alone. I remember my first conference. My favorite author, Francine Rivers would be in attendance, receiving the Lifetime Achievement award. I was crazy excited just to be there. I went by myself and agreed to room with a complete stranger I’d met on the first-timer’s loop.
The second time I attended, I experienced the temporary madness. I had a completed manuscript to pitch. I researched one-sheets, proposal, hooks… mo…

Connecting to Community: A Sneak Peek from Up in the Attic

Over the course of the next few months, there are several writing conferences on the horizon. September's blogs will center around some of the key ingredients to having a good experience. Making connections is a large part of conference attendance.

Our guest blogger, Cathy Rueter is the person you go to if you need to speak with a writing professional, she is an amazing connector of people. Thank you, Cathy, for agreeing to guest host.
Thank you, Stacy, for inviting me to talk about my passion—community building and networking with people—on your blog!
Connecting to Community: A Sneak Peek from Up in the Attic by Cathy Rueter
Community. What is it? And WHY do we need it as writers? Networking, platform building, our tribe, and our teams. Whatever you want to call it, it’s important. But just why do we, as writers, need community? Have you ever seen a glass of water poured out but never refilled? Eventually, the glass is empty. Writers pour out our words, our creativity, hearts, t…