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Weekend Read! The Year of the Barbarian: Dragonfly Trilogy Book 1 by Elizabeth Ann Boyles

Hello friends! Isn't this a gorgeous book cover? I had the pleasure of reading this debut novel by this talented author, Elizabeth Ann Boyles.
Here's the review-

Captivating story!

In Elizabeth Ann Boyles debut novel, you the reader, get to experience 19th century Japan through the eyes of a young woman of high family stature Sumi, and an American seafaring businessman Johnathan.

You can tell by the lovingly crafted novel much research has been undertaken about this time in our world's history. The inner workings of class structure are interesting and add depth to this novel.

Each character plays a role like a well-choreographed chess match. And, the strict social mores and family structure add to the dynamics in this novel.

There are two more novels in the series, and I'm looking forward to seeing Sumi and Jonathan again. I've got a feeling more will be revealed in their striking story.

Where can you find this novel?

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