Cover Reveal and Preorder Link for A Season for Grace, the Final Book in Stacy T. Simmons' Briar Creek Love Trilogy


by Beth Collins

My sister, Stacy T. Simmons, was incredibly proud to become a published author. The day her first book, A Promise for Faith, was released was one of the happiest of her life. Stacy didn't start writing until she turned 50 but once she began pursuing her passion, she was unstoppable!

Her commitment to nurturing and promoting other authors while working full time and writing her novels was a testament to her strong faith and kind heart. Stacy was the sweetest, most thoughtful, loyal, and faithful person I have ever known, and her loss was heart-wrenching. It was only after she passed away that I learned about the tremendous impact this gentle soul had throughout the Christian fiction community. 

As Stacy lay on her deathbed after experiencing surgical complications, I promised her two things. First, I would be a second mother to her daughters. Second, I would finish writing the final book in her Briar Creek Love trilogy, which was halfway complete.

What was I thinking? In that agonizing moment, knowing her time on earth was slipping away, I wanted my sister to know that I would look after her most precious loves -- her girls and her "book babies."

The months that followed were a haze and, in my sorrow, it was difficult to even read Stacy's words, much less try to write in her style. But fueled by faith and caffeine, and with the Lord's unwavering support, I was able to fulfill my promise to Stacy. I hope I've done her memory proud, and that Stacy's readers and fellow authors will accept this tribute to our dearly missed angel.

This one's for you, Tay.

* * *

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