Moving My Mountains by Sue Detwiler A Review

Once you get to know me you'll see that I am an avid reader, my two-be-read pile grows almost daily and I'll be writing my thoughts about those books. Today I'm sharing one that I have on my nightstand that I had the opportunity to preview, Sue Detweiler's new book, Women Who Move Mountains. Her website is:  www.Sue Detweiler. Com

I've really gotten personally a lot from this book, everyone has their own mountains in their life whether it's doubt, anxiety, family relationships, and childhoods that were less than perfect to name a few. I have some that have been in a heavy backpack as I've been climbing my mountains for some time now. This book has lightened my load and allowed me to move my mountains.
Let me tell you about it. Women Who Move Mountains is cleverly designed. The chapters alternate between stories of women who have overcome their own mountains and thrived and ones with stories from the Bible that correspond with Bible verses to study. Each chapter peels back the layers of emotions that can create a boulder in your path on your faith walk. The journal entry links and twenty-one-day spiritual breakthrough at the close of the book greatly enrich this moving Bible and prayer study book.

 It's one of those ones that you share with friends who are climbing their own mountains and want to break free from the grip that fear or other experiences or emotions have in their lives. I'm excited now to share it with you as well as my new friends. Who's ready to move their mountains?