Road warriors

My husband and I just came back from a road trip to see our oldest daughter at Texas A & M, we stopped on the way down in West, Texas (as Texans and transplanted Texans like my family) do. There were rows upon rows of Kolaches-fruit-filled pillows of dough as well as the sausage variety to choose from. Ten minutes later we were out the door and down the road with an added Diet Dr. Pepper for a caffeine boost. It was worth the side trip to see our daughters and her friends eyes light up later on at the sight of the Slovacek's bakery box.

We usually stop at another Texas staple Buc-ees as well, but we needed to get to College Station for a meeting. If you've never been there, picture a convenience store melded with a gift shop. It's like the Disney equivalent of quick stop places. Any soft drink, they've got it, barbecue, that too, stuffed animals, yes. People buy the t-shirts just to show they've been there.

On the old highways we traveled on, which had intermittent historical markers, we passed by oil pumps in cow pastures. That's something you'd most likely see only in Texas. Also small towns that you could feel had  history to them, their abandoned buildings had layers of stories someone might uncover, someday. In one of these small towns several trips ago we saw a gentleman riding his lawn tractor from church proudly dressed in a cowboy hat and bolo tie. No one that drove by him blinked an eye, now that's a unique little town.

On our long weekend where we honor those that fought our battles and sadly,  lost their lives to keep we Americans free, I hope you find a collection of memories to make on your own road trip or staying close to home with friends and family.