Through His Lens

As I was setting up this blog I realized I needed a photograph of myself. My husband noticed me running around with my cell phone in my hand. No setting was perfect, it was too bright, too dark, too dull. My hair was not "behaving" either. I finally settled on a photo from a while back. Whew! Then it hit me, I needed to adjust my viewpoint, I'm me, a creation of Jesus. His child. As a human we are all perfectly imperfect. We all hold ourselves up to the standards we see on television, in the glossy magazines, on the internet, perfect photos of perfect people.  Let's look through His lens at ourselves, not in a prideful way, an honest one. You are created by His hand. You are special, a singular human being in this very big world. In Song of Solomon 4:7  it states, You are altogether beautiful, my love, there is no flaw in you. We all need to hide this verse in our heart. No matter what we think, we are perfectly imperfect. We are the persons whom He loves.