Behind the scenes

Trips to North Carolina dotted my childhood, the Smokey Mountains stirred something within both me and my family souls. Places like Linville Caverns where you could explore dimly lit caves with a guide, and see the unique formations created over time. The setting was something I'd imagine being straight out of a Mark Twain novel. Also the theme park Tweetsie Railroad, with it's gunslinger show. The local actors thrilled the steam train passengers with a wild west show and a later on, you could do a little panning in a mock gold town. My sister and I would eagerly dip our hands into the mud-reddened water to get an errant flake or two.

This love for the beautiful, rolling mountains of North Carolina led me to use it as a setting for a story I am currently writing. It's set in the Smokey Mountains in the fictional city of Briar Creek. The lead characters take their cue from my own life and my families. Job transitions, moves to a new state, testing of faith, they all come to play in this story. From time to time I'll share more about my unfolding work-in-progress as I write this blog.

My question for you would be, where is your favorite place to visit, and what is your favorite thing about this place?