Directionally Challenged

My SUV which has carried me and my family on trips to the beach, mountains, and college visits has lost it's direction. The temperature and compass built into the mirror stands silent.You might think that it's not a problem. For me it is. I can proudly say I belong to the "turn right at the Star bank and then make an immediate left" kind of adventurer. My husband, bless his heart, has tried to get me on road trips to use the usual directions, north, south, etc. Let's just say there were some pregnant pauses in the car a few, ahem, times. Thank the Lord for GPS!

Back to my "lost" car, it's got too many years on it to think of fixing it, perhaps someday it will go to the great car lot in the sky. But for now, the old Tahoe's got to make it at least another 50 to 60 thousand miles. We've got two girls in college, heaven help us, please everyone pray for our sanity. Thank you.

As for needing a compass, thank goodness I've got my wonderful husband the navigator to direct the way (he still uses N,S,E,W on me if I can't see the GPS directions on the phone screen). If you go on any summer trips have fun, be safe and don't leave home without your compass.