Books, wonderful, books

Books, wonderful, books. My love for them began as I was a child and my mother or father would read Beatrix Potter, Dr. Seuss, and lots of Little Golden Books as well as Bible stories to me and my sister. It's blossomed from then on as my "to be read pile" amasses on my nightstand as evidence.

As a former elementary teacher, it was always a thrill to see what my students were reading. Library day was eagerly awaited as they would get to find a new book to read. The stories they'd share about reading it with a family member were priceless. I was privileged to work for some years with middle school special ed students, the school librarian would do story time with them and it was wonderful to see their eyes light up as she shared the stories. She even had books for their levels in a section of her library, this lady was a first-class gem.

Teaching in Vacation Bible School for some years as well as Sunday School, the biblical stories of Noah, David and Goliath and our Heavenly Father Jesus kept the wiggling elementary kids attention as the true stories unfolded within the four walls of the room.

To step into the pages of a book is an exciting adventure, you never know where you'll wind up once the story is finished.

Writers craft a novel for the reader, enticing them into spending time with the characters and allowing them to slow down and relax from the quickly moving current of life.

Unfolding story lines can send you on a voyage deep into space, let you see what an FBI agent might do to solve a crime, or be caught up in a emotional, romantic story.

The characteristic scent of a leather-bound book can be interesting as well as a musty find in a used bookstore, the fact that book lovers can purchase candles with these scents in stores attests to our deep love and connection to books.

Whether it's an e-reader, audio book, paperback, or hardback book there's something out there for every reader. I hope you find your next novel adventure and are able to relax with a great cup of coffee or tea, and a little bit of chocolate.

By the way, how do you like to read? By e-reader, or a paperback or hardback? Who are some of your favorite authors?