Living with Noah's Ark

My family and I love animals, we currently have one adorable mutt Thor, a precious cat named Sebastian and a former show bunny named Willow. (Please don't ask, my oldest daughter did FFA in high school, she's now away at college so mom and dad get to take care of her) This is the least amount of pets we've had over the years.

To add to the menagerie, our daughters had a pet frog named Sticky Fingers for ten years, he got lots of car rides on their Barbie cars, which he oddly seemed to like. The youngest worked part time for a veterinarians office during part of her college years and fell in love with guinea pigs. She brought two guinea pig girls home and one day showed up with another one, a boy. She took them all to the doctors to have them fixed. One morning, months later I went into her room and surprise! There were three little pigs next to their mom. Yikes! Thank goodness a co-worker took two for her kids when they were weaned and the others went to her friends.  

I wouldn't trade any of them for the world, Thor appears in my story I'm writing, a little changed in appearance, but just as excitable. Maybe someday Sebi will be featured in another story, but poor Willow, how does one incorporate a former show bunny into a story? I'll have to think on that.

I'd love to hear about your pets and their funny stories!