It Can Wait

  1. delay or postpone action; put off doing something

I'm guilty of doing this, maybe some of you are too. Unless there is a urgent need, I try to put some things off, do something more fun.

Cleaning, laundry, yard work those things are "back-burner" types of chores

In my family, I'm the resident "moaner and groan-er" when it comes to these things. I might be able to audition for Disney's Haunted Mansion as a host when I see a big pile of dishes or clothes in front of me. Some of the sounds I make might even scare the cat, and Sebastian is pretty unflappable.

Why is it that the things we don't care to do seem to be the ones we put off the longest? Perhaps a "to-do list" might help, but no, that is another thing to do. There are apps we can download on our phone to keep us organized, ditto the sentiment.

It's kind of like eating dessert before your vegetables, no one does this (or admits they do it) yet the book awaiting you to finish or the movie you have been wanting to see is out ... and you put off your chores for a bit longer.

I'm going to sign off now, there is a pile of dishes awaiting AND laundry to do. I hope you have a day filled with desserts first : )