Ahh, summer!

For many parents, the last bell rang in their children's school and that means the scary word . . . summer. I remember the days when my college-age girls were younger and they'd clamor for a vacation seemingly right after they stepped off of the school's curb. I hope parents of younger children find delight in all the craft projects, trips to the pool, and maybe a memorable family vacation or stay-cation. Parents of teens, my prayers are with you.

In cinematic terms, "May the force be with you."

Here are some of my vacation memories.

When I was a child several eons ago, my family and I would take short trips to the beach, living in Florida has many perks and the beautiful beaches are at the top. We'd take humble cans of Vienna Sausage, yellow packages of bologna and ham and other culinary delights as our buffet-on-the-go to the beach. My mom and dad would hunker under their blue rental cabana and parse out the occasional sand toy or food item to my sister and I. We'd ride the waves and crash onto the shell-strewn beach and bake our Casper the Friendly Ghost skin to a shade of evening sunset. We'd go out to eat and maybe play a round of putt-putt golf (if we begged them enough). Subsequent vacations were on cruise ships or to the beloved Smokey Mountains, but these stories I'll save for another time.

Fast-forward to married life, my husband loved to camp growing up and they'd pack picnic lunches for the car rides. Remember that I'm from a convenience-on-the-road-trip family. Imagine my surprise when we took some food for our honeymoon trip that didn't come from a package or a drive-thru. We've hiked in the Smokies and Rockies and paddled in kayaks and done white-water rafting in several states. So while we don't camp, our girls grew up loving the outdoors. We've taken many a trip in the beleaguered Tahoe. If you've read my blog post Road Warrior, you'll know what I'm referencing. We've had stay-cations where we've day-tripped around this big, bustling city of Dallas where there are so many fun things to do from a wonderful zoo to fun museums.

Wherever the summer takes you and your family. I hope you have a safe and wonderful one and don't forget to pack several good books for yourself (in case there's a little nap-time for the kiddos) but maybe not any Vienna Sausages.

I'd love to hear about your vacation experiences and what made them memorable.



  1. Our family split summer trips between the Jersey Shore and camping in NY Harriman State Park.
    We would go from camping ⛺️ to �� crabbing both equally wonderful

    1. Nice! That is a beautiful part of the United States. I hope you have a very good summer. BTW, I love your books : )

  2. Love this so much! I experience almost complete relief at summertime with our kids. I couldn’t wait for the last day of school when I was a kid, and I still get that same sense of excitement. As a kid my summers were mostly spent at my grandmothers house (or boat!) with my sister. We have great memories and are emotionally tied to the freedom and peace of being safe and at sea. We are starting a new legacy and traditions for our family now. Our goal I guess is to visit 1 historical site, 1 beach, and 1 mountainous destination each summer if we can. I love seeing my kids experience new things like mountain gondolas, rafting, horses, surfing, hiking, and my favorite vacay meal: white bread, bologna, mustard made in the car or at a campground. I love life, and especially - summer!!

    1. What a wonderful tradition Rebecca. I hope y'all go to all three this summer. Plus, enjoy your bologna sandwiches too : )

  3. I grew up on Long Island (NY) so like your summers in Florida, my summers we're a release to enjoy everything around us, the ocean, the bay, the beach, sailing, bike riding and riding the horse. I used to take my horse swimming in the bay. We'd go out far enough that I could climb onto his hindquarters and dive off—until he figured out he could run home while I was in mid-dive! Then I'd have to walk all the way to the barn barefoot and in my bathing suit. Years later, with my children in home school they looked forward to the week long Pony Club camp where they 'camped' in tents in a huge building and did all sorts of fun horsey things. After camp we'd get ready for rally. Our summers were more stay-cations. My adult daughter works for a school district that just finished on Friday. Tomorrow she's driving to Galveston for the beach. I think beaches are in her blood! Thanks for writing a fun post that brought back memories.

  4. That sounds heavenly Barbara! A horse and the beach, the perfect combination. Pony Camp sounds like a blast. I hope your daughter has a safe and fun trip to Galveston. I understand about beaches being in your blood : )


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