Gasp! Take a deep breath!

Hurry up and wait! 

It's my daily motto, how about yours? Rushing to tick the boxes on the daily checklist and something interrupts the goal. We become inconvenienced, which is an uncomfortable feeling. Things should happen immediately, not meander like a  muddy-bottomed, slow-moving river. Our lives are centered around quick conveniences like drive-thru coffee stores, dry cleaners, fast food restaurants. Even our microwave ovens are too slow. Does anyone remember how long it took to cook a "TV dinner" in the oven? Yet many of us did it, all for some mystery meat and gelatinous potatoes. We need to slow down.


"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad." Proverbs 12:25


Recharge, find something that makes you smile. Whatever you enjoy doing that allows you to relax and take the focus off your never ending-checklist. Steal away by yourself to finish a chapter of that book you've been itching to read. If you play sports, go out to the batting cage or driving range, and enjoy the sunshine while improving your game. When you return, you'll find you look at things from a brighter perspective.  

By the way, enjoy your day. I hope that you find your own patch of sunshine so you can rest and relax. If anyone needs the name of a great book, just ask me, that's my way of finding a little breathing room.

Where is your favorite spot to relax? 


  1. Nice post and so true. We live life in the racing zone and the faster we get the faster we want things to happen. I love to go out to the barn in the morning or just before dusk and relax and listen to the sounds. My absolute favorite is to watch the sun rise and think about how God knew I'd stand there and be blessed by his magnificent colors. Some days I wonder if He had me in mind when he planned that morning's sky.

    1. Thank you Barbara. It sounds wonderful, to delight in God's creations from the vantage point of a barn. I'd imagine there is a symphony of sounds to behold!


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