Life in pieces

This picture represents what we have in our lives, pieces of ourselves. This jumble we may have in our lives can be fitted together like these building bricks.

Start by finding the bright pieces-your family and friends, connections. Spend time with them to bring splashes of joy into your life. Then see how other parts can fit together, dust off the schedule you've hidden all summer. Go get some fun markers or pens to make the project exciting to tackle. As school comes around, the kids will have sports, or other events to take part in. Mark them down on the schedule or use your app to keep track. On those nights, de-stress by having a quick and easy dinner-breakfast for dinner, sandwiches, something you don't have to think about.   

The T-Rex in the photo represents excitement, an adrenaline rush. Get that new release by your favorite author and start reading. Grab your family or friends and go on a hike, get outdoors, see some of the Lord's beautiful creations. Go to a movie, splurge and get the big popcorn and a drink. 

The calm-colored pieces represent spend time studying and reading the Word. You'll find Him speaking to you through the wonderful pages of the Bible. Here is one of my favorite verses that speaks on how we're designed:   

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well." Psalm 139:14

Remember that we are His creation, and made in His likeness. When assembling pieces of our lives we sometimes try to force things that don't seem altogether correct. We know when they don't fit, there is a reason for that. Pray. Listen. Focus. Soon the pieces will click together and make something beautiful.

Have you realized recently that some pieces are starting to fit together? How did it make you feel? 


  1. I love to see what God does in our lives. Recently I've seen how He has fit pieces together since I was a little girl, no matter what I did right or wrong. Nice post Stacy.

    1. It's amazing how things we see as not coming together weave beautifully together later on. Thank you Barbara, I appreciate the sweet words.

  2. I see the connections or protrusions where the pieces click together. That’s my relationship with the Lord. Unless I am willing to extend myself and slot myself into the waiting limitless well of His mercy, grace and provision the pieces remain an unconnected jumble.

    1. Beautifully said JennaVictoria. We have to submit to His will and not our own. Have a wonderful night. Thank you for commenting.


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