Weekend Read! A Poppy in Remembrance by Michelle Ule

A Poppy in Remembrance by Michelle Ule

Happy new year friends! I couldn't wait to tell you about this book I finished reading last night. A Poppy in Remembrance by Michelle Ule.

Set in World War I, this beautifully crafted story takes you to Egypt, France and England along with Claire Meacham, a fledgeling news reporter and her family. 

Through a friendship with Oswald and Biddy Chambers, Claire learns to rely on her faith in the Lord even as the sounds of war draw nearer to her and her family. I enjoyed the glimpses of romance in this book as well and to also see the perspective of a woman in that era striving to make her own mark on the world. 

Fans of historical and romantic fiction would enjoy this deeply moving story. 

Now that I've shared my first book of the new year, I'd love to hear about yours too.

Happy reading, friends!   



  1. This sounds like an interesting story. Thanks for writing about it!

    1. You're welcome, it is very engrossing. Have a good day Barbara! Thanks for visiting!


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