Weekend Review-James L. Rubart's-The Man He Never Was


When I passed my favorite section of Mardel's I happened to notice this beautiful cover, and as a fan of James L. Rubart's writing, I had to have this for my book collection. I read it in a few short days because, in my humble opinion, it is outstanding.  


James L. Rubart has a captivating style of writing which story by story, artfully interlaces a well-crafted faith message tied into each unique novel. 

A bit about the story-Toren Daniels faced his barbed demons. His turmoil drove him to grip onto the shattered pieces of his life. The message of love encompassing all fear and doubt drives this moving story. 

At the close of the story, I was filled with hope as the story concluded with a very satisfying end. 

He is a master storyteller as his story plots are as different as the patterns of a snowflake. I'd highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a thrilling novel.

Who is one of your favorite authors currently and which novel of theirs is your must-read by them? 


  1. Thanks for sharing this good review. James Rubart is an interesting author. I have not read this one yet but I enjoyed The Five Times I Met Myself. I read many different genres and my current favorite is romance. I look for any new book written by T I Lowe.

  2. You're welcome, Barbara. Thank you for saying that. I'll have to look for T I Lowe books. Happy reading, thank you for reading and commenting : )


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