My weekend read-Kimberley Woodhouse's The Express Bride

Getting this book in the mail several days ago was a distinct thrill. I'm a fan of Kimberley Woodhouse's novels she writes beautiful faith-filled romances. Sigh-worthy!

Thank you to Kimberley Woodhouse and Barbour Publishing for the privilege of being on the street team. 

Onto the review!

The Express Bride is the ninth book in the Daughters of the Mayflower Series. I have had the opportunity to read several others from this series and this is as enjoyable as them.

Jacqueline Rivers is a strong heroine, which I adore. She runs a Pony Express station and can keep up with both the men arriving at the station and those that work for her. Mourning the loss of her father, she has a guarded heart with outsiders. Until one comes along that breaks through the barrier she put around it.
Elijah Johnson is on a mission to help his friend and business partner, but beautiful Jackie stirs his attention and he becomes wound in a dangerous game of intrigue. Where both he and Jackie may suffer grave consequences.
The storyline had me downing coffee the next morning because I'd stayed up too late reading. Which to me is an absolute delight.

I received this book from Barbour Publishing but was not under obligation to write or blog any review.

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