Weekend Read The Dead Don't Dance by Charles Martin

The Dead Don't Dance

“When you boil it down,” he said, holding out his hand and counting with his fingers, “all we got left, all anybody’s got, is faith . . . and hope . . . and love.” He looked at his three fingers. “And we all gonna make it. All three of us.” 
― Charles Martin, The Dead Don't Dance

This one is a favorite of mine, I hope if you read this it will become one of yours too.    

Charles Martin's writing is like a biscuit with the butter slathered on liberally. His characters meld seamlessly into his story and bite after bite (page after page) you want to read more and savor the story. 

Dylan Styles is a smart, cowboy boot wearing man hopelessly in love with his wife, Maggie, who is in the midst of a life-threatening medical crisis. Charles Martin always writes memorable characters, and Dylan's friends add flavor to this story. One is law-abiding Amos, his best friend since childhood, who acts as a father-figure and moral compass for Dylan. Another, Bryce, a former Vietnam vet bends the rules as he sees fit when he goes on an alcohol-fueled bender, which is frequent. Like salted butter on a fragrant, sweet biscuit, they both compliment Dylan. 

This is my second reading of this book. The first time I read it years ago I didn't know the importance of writing a review for a book. 

Please consider writing reviews for authors, they put so much of their lives into each novel. I don't normally read books twice. But this one bears repeating. It takes the reader on hairpin turns of emotions and has you craving more. It's one, magnificent, story.

Have a wonderful weekend curled up with a great book, a nice cup of coffee or tea and a bit of chocolate beside you! 

Have you reread a story before? What are you currently reading?


  1. Sounds like a good story. Great review.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


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