Weekend Read-The Road to Paradise

If you love romance mixed with beautiful touches of nature and history, Karen Barnett's novel is one you need to read.

On to the review. . .

This is the first novel that I've read by the author. I've got a soft spot for both historical romance and national parks, this book did not disappoint.

Wealthy senator's daughter Margie Lane brings more than a little intrigue with her to Mount Ranier National Park. Smart, and well-spoken, fireworks ensue when she meets Chief Ranger Ford Brayden. He too has some things to sort out, and together, these characters take the readers on an adventure.

Within the pages lie realistic touches, heart-skittering moments, and vivid descriptions that will keep you turning page-after-page. Looking forward to reading more novels in this series and others this great author has written.   

What I'm reading next, is Linda Brooks Davis' novel-
I'm just a few pages in, but it's got me hooked!  

What is your weekend read? I'd like to hear about it. Have a fantastic weekend, hope it's filled with reading and memory-making with family!