Chatting with Author Joy Avery Melville about her debut novel- Meant For Her

I had the honor of meeting Joy during an ACFW conference in Nashville four years ago. It's been a blessing to be able to call her friend and mentor for these years. It is beyond thrilling to introduce her as an author on the blog. Once you find out more about this incredible person, you'll see why.

Congratulations on your debut novel, Meant for Her. Tell us about it, and which of your characters strikes a chord with you, and why?

As much as I love  my heroine and feel for her in ALL she’s gone through, and her brother, who’s been through so much on her behalf (more than this story even shows – you have to wait for the next one for that) LOL
It’s actually the hero of this story, Mack, who has touched my heart in unexpected ways with his sincere ability to measure all of his moves by what would be best for Candi rather than himself. I see such a picture of Christ in him throughout the novel. I did NOT intentionally write him to show that, but I believe, God used me to draw the man that way.

Mack does have a huge heart for others, like Jesus. And I love the romance in your novel as well. What got you into writing contemporary romance?

My desire was to write Historical Romance, and I did write two novels, hoping to see them published, but God said, “No.” It was a newscast on TV about a local gal that God used to nudge me into writing Contemporary Christian Women’s Fiction (boy, isn’t that a mouthful), but He allowed me to weave in a strong thread of Romance, leading to a sigh-worthy and upbeat ending, unlike many Women’s Fiction stories – whew – I was stretched in writing this story and those that follow, due to research of issues and the results in the lives of women and men who have gone through them.

Isn't that absolutely amazing how God directs our paths. I know you're busy with your debut novel, but in your downtime, which authors are you reading now?

I’m doing very little reading at the moment, due to the marketing/promotional stages I’ve found myself in with this novel. LOL
I’m a writer… not a salesperson. God is stretching me there as well – BUT – He brought you alongside to help me pass on the word about Meant For Her. I’m so grateful for you and others who’ve approached me, inviting me to either their blog or Facebook pages.
WHEN I get to read, I grab Sharee Stover’s books as soon as she releases one, Dawn M Turner stories, Becky Wade, Karen Witemeyer, Julie Lessman, Lena Nelson Dooley, Jodie Wolfe, and so many more! My library shelves and basement shelves (MANY) hold testament to my voracious reading.

What a great list of authors, the settings in their novels are also fantastic. What is your dream vacation spot?

I don’t get to do much ‘vacationing’, but I have gone to a cabin in the northern lower peninsula of MI (my home state) and done writing for more than a week at a time, I usually go mid-Fall when colors are great, temps are cool, and the air is crisp.
The owner of the cottage has been so generous in allowing me to use it several times.
IF I ever get to just go and vacation, I’d LOVE to go into the upper peninsula of MI, stay in a cabin in the woods, with books to read, and of course, a notebook to jot notes for next stories, and do some historical rambles with my husband up there.

That sounds wonderful, I hope you get to stay in a cabin soon! Do any real-life settings, persons, make an appearance in your novel?

I’m really glad you asked that.
I live outside the Village of Schoolcraft, MI, and I’ve incorporated portions of the Schoolcraft, Vicksburg, and Portage, MI communities within the novel.
I also have three people in my book, one who asked to be a part of Meant For Her, two who gave me permission to be a part of the story. Kate (the counselor) was a dear friend who made sure I got to the 2011 ACFW Conference in St. Louis. Before she got to see MFH between covers, she passed away, but she gave me strict orders as to how she was to show up. She told me often, “I think I should have gone into counseling as a career.” Also, author/friend, Debbie and husband, Mack Archer, play important parts in MFH.

What a beautiful tribute to your friends, Joy. So readers can get a glimpse of your book, can you give us the first paragraph from Meant for Her?
Friday ~ November 15, 2013 ~ Vicksburg, Michigan
Stinging and prickling throughout her body, accompanied by a beep… beep… beep and muffled voices from a distance, invaded Candi’s senses. Convulsive shivers swept her extremities.

Where can readers connect with you?



Facebook Author Page

Is there a fun fact you’d like to share?

Interestingly enough, since I had already named my hero, I had Debbie ask her Mack what name he’d like to have been called by if it hadn’t been Mack.
His answer? SAM! Therefore, he became Pastor Sam in the story.


Had it all truly been ~ MEANT FOR HER?

Kidnapped, raped, brutally beaten, and left for dead, Candi Reynolds becomes a prisoner of fear. Faced also with the impact of the unexpected break-up with her fiancé, and an unwanted pregnancy resulting from the attacks, she believes God has forsaken her. Choosing to move back to the Michigan horse farm, owned by her older brother, Dr. Cam Reynolds, Candi essentially goes into seclusion.
Dr. Patrick (Mack) MacKevon, long-time friend of Cam’s, watches from the sidelines at the farm, where his horses are stabled, while Candi struggles to regain a sense of normalcy. His own big-brother tendencies develop into a much deeper emotion over the months he prays for her.
Is it possible for Candi to put all of the pain and trauma behind her and renew her former relationship with the Lord? Will she allow her heart to open enough to discover authentic love, while making decisions of victory on her personal journey to joy?


Joy Avery Melville’s heart’s desire is to be the author God has called her to be by sharing Him with readers in such a way they long to have a deeply committed personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord.
Fully intending to write Historical Romance—had in fact— she didn’t want to deviate from that. God had different plans for that ‘call’ He’d made on her life back in 1967. A mere eighth-grader at the time, she had no clue about the topics she’d be drawn to write about.
Surrendering to the genre God placed on her heart has given Joy new insight into the hearts and lives of those who too often hurt in silence.
The settings of Joy’s books are near where she lives in Schoolcraft, Michigan with her husband of nearly 46 years and their eleven-month-old Yorkie pup, Is-A-Bella Bindi, (Is-a-beautiful little girl) who thinks she’s a much larger breed with tomboy tendencies.
Joy loves to hear from readers and she can be contacted through her website, Facebook, or by email, but has a presence on Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you, Joy for stopping by, we’re all wishing you many blessings with your beautiful new novel. 


  1. Thanks so very much, Stacy, for hosting me on your blog. Your interview questions were insightful, too. I hope to get an opportunity to connect with your followers here. May your journey be filled with joy!

  2. You are welcome, Joy. Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer all the questions. I do too, it's fun to connect with great people. Thank you, I hope you enjoy a great cup of coffee and a little piece of chocolate during the day. I wish you every happiness!

  3. Thanks to both Joy and Stacy for this terrific interview. I met Joy in Nashville , too but two years ago. (The same year I met you in person, Stacy!) Joy and I met in the prayer room where the Lord had her wait for me. Both of you are special blessings. I just retrieved Joy's story from Amazon and can't wait to read it. A double bonus for me is to learn in the interview you have horses in your story, Joy!! Yay!

    1. You're welcome, Barbara. How fun that you met Joy two years ago as well. ACFW brings all kinds of people together. Thank you, you are a blessing to me. Happy reading, her story is beautiful. Hugs!!

    2. Barbara, I'm so excited to know you've gotten the book, and I hope you enjoy the places the story mentions the HORSES. They are very special to me as well, Barbara. I've always wanted to own my very own horse, but circumstances never allowed for it, and now my diseases would keep me from enjoying the ride. I used to ride with a friend of mine, who needed her horses kept exercised. Although, I remembered much of how we tacked them up, I went and did a LOT of research to be sure I got it right - any mistakes were accidental, because the gals who worked with me, did a fine job of teaching.
      ENJOY MEANT FOR HER Barabara!


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