Echoes Among the Stones by Jaime Jo Wright-Weekend Read

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I had the pleasure to read Jaime Jo Wright's novel as an ARC recently, it's out with major booksellers on December 3rd.

Onto the review:

Jaime Jo Wright's flawless writing seams the story of present-day Aggie and Mumsie, her grandmother, and Mumsie in World War II years when she was a young lady.

Mystery, suspense, romance all combine together to meld into a story I found myself thinking about at work and wishing the clock would move faster so I could read more pages at home.

The characters are very realistic and the usage of commonplace things that take on a whole new meaning which is a hallmark of this talented writer.

While reading, when the chills came over me, I knew this was taking a story to another level. I really enjoyed the piano-string tight suspense.

Echoes Among the Stones is one I'll recommend others to read. It's the perfect novel to stay at home and read on a wintry day or relax and read after a busy day of Christmas shopping. I can't wait for another one to be published.

I received this book by the publisher, I was under no obligation to review nor blog about this novel. 

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Enjoy your weekend, let me know about a book you're loving. Always open to adding another book to the family library!


  1. Echos Among the Stones sounds like an interesting read. As far as what I'm reading goes, I'm getting ready to binge read Christmas stories beginning with One Enchanted Noel by Melissa Tagg

  2. It's a great blend of suspense and intriguing characterization. Have fun reading Christmas stories! I need to look into Melissa Tagg's.


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