Weekend Read-Meant for Her by Joy Avery Melville

My review of Joy Avery Melville's, Meant for Her:

 This story pulled me into the pages as Candi Reynolds overcomes heart-wrenching obstacles to claim back her life and strengthen her faith. Both her brother Cam, and a friend, Mack, seek to bring her out of the shadows of fear. Throughout the story, there are places where you giggle from the funny things the characters say, wipe a tear or two as you read some heart-wrenching moments, and grin as love blossoms between two memorable characters.

Kudos, to Joy Avery Melville as the gifted author, her novel will delight her readers with this captivating story of faith, moving your personal mountains, and love.

I had the privilege to sit down with Joy earlier this week on the blog and talk about Meant for Her and how a message of faith has shaped her story and dream trips to name a few things.

Joy's interview can be found here:


How to purchase this gorgeous novel:

 Amazon:         https://www.amazon.com/author/joyaverymelville

Have a wonderful weekend and happy reading!