Build Your Author Platform with a Purpose: Marketing Strategies for Writers by Mimika Cooney

I had the honor of being part of Mimika Cooney's launch team for her latest novel.

My review:

Mimika Cooney has a wealth of knowledge contained in this book. From social media, podcasting, newsletters and more this book gives concise advice on how to connect with your audience.

I highly recommend this book.

It's like a master class in platform building. This book is one I'll refer back to for some time to come.

If you're a newer writer, it's a great read to learn more about platform building. For more seasoned writers, you can use it to solidify your marketing and reader outreach plans.

In short, it's an excellent source for writers in all stages of their careers.

Press release about Mimika's book:

Aspiring Authors Build a Platform of Influence
New Release from Best Selling Author,
Podcast Host, & Marketing Strategist Mimika Cooney
“ Build your Author Platform with a Purpose: Marketing Strategies for Writers ”
“This book will change your life! Build Your Author Platform with a Purpose is one of the best
books on the subject I have read in a long time. Mimika has pulled together a concise guide to
discover your audience and develop a modern 21 st century Internet marketing plan. You would
pay thousands of dollars on training courses and coaching to get this information. I appreciate
her practical step-by-step approach including checklists and resources.” - Doug Addison
(Author of 10 books including ‘Hearing God Everyday’.).

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Mimika's other books:

Worrier to Warrior

Mindset Make Over

As an extra bonus, Mimika has shared her checklist on 7 Steps to Build Your AUTHOR Platform in 30 days:

Free Checklist

Mimika Cooney is a Best Selling Author, Podcast host of “Mimika TV”, Entrepreneur, and Award-Winning Photographer. Huffington Post nominated Mimika as one of “50 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2017”.  

Mimika has published books in the Business/Marketing, and Christian Living genres. Her book “Mindset Make-Over: How to Renew your Mind and Walk in God’s Authority” remained in the top 5 positions on Amazon for 12 months since publication. The book “Worrier to Warrior: A Mother’s Journey from Fear to Faith” launched as an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Mimika is the founder of Platform Purpose, a membership for thought leaders, authors, speakers, ministers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to leverage marketing, branding, media, publicity, writing and self-publishing.

Mimika is passionate about empowering and equipping individuals to fulfill their God-given purpose, position their value, spread their message and make an impact in the marketplace. Mimika loves to spark honest conversations, blaze a trail where others fear to tread and infuse positivity wherever she goes. She is known for building community, creating connections and helping others share their story with passion and purpose. 

Mimika is a native of South Africa and citizen of the USA. She is a ferocious reader, enjoys watching soppy romcoms and cuddling on the sofa with her 3 kids and dashing husband of 23 years. When she is not dreaming up creative concepts, writing books or hosting her podcast; she will be found perfecting her spins on the ice as a competitive adult figure skater.

For more resources visit:
Mimika’s website 
Platform Purpose
Self Publishing Mastermind

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  1. All of Mimika's books look fascinating!!

    1. Hi Sharee! Thank you for visiting. Mimika's Author Platform with a Purpose is one I'm going to refer back to for a long time. I've read Mindset MakeOver, it's very good. I want to read Worrier to Warrior. Take care!

    2. So glad you're enjoying my books thanks for the support!

  2. I'm impressed with someone who writes on such good topics and figure skates as well! Interesting blog post, Stacy.


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