In Between the Pages-Hope's Table by Hope Helmuth

 Hardcover Hope's Table : Everyday Recipes from a Mennonite Kitchen Book
This weekend feature, a cookbook, is perfect for sprucing up mealtimes with your family and later in gatherings with friends. Enjoy this In Between the Pages post.

Debut Cookbook from Popular Food Blogger Hope Helmuth
Features Everyday Recipes from a Mennonite Kitchen

In these hectic times, sometimes all it takes to bring about much-needed community is sitting down at the table to share a meal. In her new cookbook, Hope’s Table, cook, mother, and popular food blogger Hope Helmuth shares the very best recipes from her Mennonite kitchen. Each of the150 recipes—some passed down through her family and some newly developed by Hope—have been made with equal parts care and love.

So much more than just another cookbook, Hope’s Table is filled with stunning food photography captured by the author. In the spirit of life-long traditions, the book includes help, from planning meals for guests to steps to keeping a tidy refrigerator to Christmas cookie bakes, for everyday life. “Traditions have a way of making you anticipate things—of expecting a rhythm to life,” Hope said.

Hope’s Table has simple step-by-step instructions that will help anyone—from beginners seeking inspiration to seasoned cooks looking for fresh ideas—create wholesome dishes that burst with flavor and color. From fresh strawberry pie to bacon and corn chowder to mom’s rolls to apple dumplings to homemade salsa, readers will savor Hope’s insights.
Practical kitchen hints and slices of everyday life garnish the pages and readers will be encouraged by the peace and hospitality of Hope’s Mennonite home.
 Hope’s Table is also perfect for everyone looking to make their recipient feel truly special.

About the author-

Hope Helmuth is a Mennonite cook, mother, and blogger who enjoys creating recipes, entertaining
guests, gardening, graphic design, and photography. She, her husband and two daughters live in the
beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where they own a toy store, Timeless Toys, and several other
businesses. Connect with her at, on Instagram, and Facebook.
Hope’s Table by Hope Helmuth

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I hope you have many wonderful memories from cooking with your family and sharing laughter around your table. Stay well, friends! See you soon!