Living in a New Tomorrow

Hello friends! 

I hope you are doing well today. 

I've been thinking about all of you as we've adjusted our lives to follow a different pattern. It's almost as if a Mr. Clean scrubber has wiped away traces of our old lives. There's more focus on family and friends vs. running from x,y,z in our busy lives.

I myself work from home more often, the day job switches from a limited-personnel office to my home office. This has been my life for the past few days, I had no idea how much animals slept until this happened. LOL!

There are changes in my family-our waistlines. My oldest daughter baked some brownies the other day. Poof! Two days later nothing but an empty pan.

For today's belt buster, I made Blondie brownies with chocolate chips. (Y'all its sugar cookie box mix and chocolate chips-just have given it a fancier name). Disclaimer-there are real recipes normally used, but our sugar is low, not easy to find these days.

It's like we're doing the same thing our parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents did during the WWII rations.

As you settle around a screen with the family to watch your favorite movies, reach out to friends via the phone or social media, please know, Jesus is watching over all of us in the world.


If you need a great book to read, many kind authors have posted sales on their books on #Amazon. If you'd like the name of one, please let me know, there are several thousand books that would be easy to recommend : )

I'm returning to working on my writing, the story that sings in my heart. I hope you find something that makes you smile, laugh, and have that sparkling feeling of joy.

Don't forget to enjoy the little things, when life revs up, and yes, it will for all of us. This time is gonna be a blip in your life's radar. Nestle in the slower times while you can.

I wish everyone well as we push away from each and every fear and head toward hope. 

Hang in there temporarily homeschooling parents, working from home folks, persons separated from their loved ones, blessings to all our medical, military, firefighters, police, and others out there to keep us safe and help our lives. 

Take care, everyone!! We'll be seeing each other back here very soon.

Please let me know what you've been up to, any good movies to stream, books to read, games to play with the family?


  1. Living in the country with my horses and writing from home, my life has not changed a lot but the lives of my grown daughters have. One worked in a school district and also at a restaurant. She has found a lot of time on her hands and is happy work with the horses again. The other is a CNA at a Children's hospital and lives in town. She's on hold for a bit until the hospital needs her, so she and my granddaughter have been deep cleaning their apaprtment. This weekend, though, my granddaughter is visiting me and finally working on a sewing project from a year ago. This makes me happy as I've really wanted to teach her how to sew.
    I'm an old homeschooling mom and in those days we kept very busy with projects and also baking. The baking ceased when we all matured because, well you know about those calories…but I've resurrected the baking for isolation mainly to remind my daughters and granddaughter that we can manage without every finished product from the store. This weekend we made cinnamon rolls but soon we'll do sour dough bread and yeast rolls. It's been fun teaching my family how to make simple breads. And last night everyone put their cell phones away and we played UNO for hours. Haven't done that in years. We all agree that slowing down and sharing skills and time together is an unexpected benefit of this current problem. I'm pleased to have this time to encourage my daughters and granddaughter in things that have become lost, such as sewing, baking, and playing games. Blessings to you.

    1. That sounds idyllic Barbara, living out in the country with your horses nearby as you write. I'm happy to hear you and your family are doing well.
      This is a great lesson in resourcefulness, instead of running out to the store to get something, create it. Your granddaughter is learning a valuable lesson from all of you. I hope everything continues to stay the course.
      Thank you, for reading and contributing with your wonderful perspective of life.
      Take care!


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