Author interview with Falling for the Innkeeper Author Meghann Whistler


Congratulations, Meghann on your debut novel, Falling for the Innkeeper. Happy Release Day! And, thank you for coming on the blog to visit with us.


What influences you as a contemporary romance writer? Are there any authors or movies which spurred your love of writing?

I’ve been a reader as long as I can remember! As a girl, I loved the Nancy Drew mystery series. As a teenager, I enjoyed Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice.

I didn’t discover the genre of inspirational romance until about three years ago. I was going through something difficult in my personal life, and being able to escape into sweet stories about love, faith and forgiveness was a real Godsend.

The more inspirational romance novels I read, the more motivated I felt to write one. I’m so excited that my story is now making its way into the hands of readers! I hope that it brings light and happiness to someone who needs it 😊.

Do any real-life persons make an appearance in your novel? The setting for your story is in Cape Cod, which sounds beautiful. Was there a reason that this place drew you to use this setting?

There are no real-life people in the novel, but the hero’s expertise in catching rats was inspired by my husband, who’s had to deal with a couple of those pesky creatures. (Thank you, honey!)

As for the setting, my maternal grandparents actually owned a Cape Cod inn that’s a lot like the one in the book, and I spent many summers there as a child. It is a very beautiful place, and it was an absolute pleasure to revisit it on paper.

Since it takes place in a beach town, which beach is your favorite?

Wow, that’s a tough question! My family currently lives on the California coast, and we love our local beach. It’s fun to see the kids building sandcastles and digging for sand crabs.


My husband and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon many years ago, and those beaches are hard to beat—the water is so warm and the snorkeling is fantastic! I also really enjoyed visiting Repulse Bay Beach in Hong Kong. The water there is also very warm, and the scenery is stunning!

My all-time favorite, though, has to be the beach I grew up visiting on Cape Cod. I have so many wonderful memories associated with that beach—walking out on the jetty with my dad, catching minnows in buckets with my sister and playing hide-and-seek in the dunes with all my cousins.



Can you tell us the first paragraph from your novel?

Jonathan Masters pulled up in front of The Sea Glass Inn, turned off his GPS and sighed. How had he gotten himself into this? He really didn’t want to intrude on a single mother and her young daughter right at dinnertime.

A sixth-year associate at Meyers, Suben & Roe, the top corporate law firm in Boston, Jonathan had left work early to drive to the sleepy Cape Cod town of Wychmere Bay to take care of some new business. This little inn wasn’t the new business, of course, but if he could ensure that Carberry Hotels acquired this prime piece of beachfront property, there was a good shot that the luxury hotel chain would hire Jonathan’s firm for all its legal needs.

And if Jonathan wanted to make partner, as his mentor, Mike Roe, had told him just a few nights ago, he needed to prove he was a closer.

“You’re smart, Masters,” Mike had said, “and a hard worker, but frankly, if that’s all you’ve got, you’re a dime a dozen.”

Although Jonathan generally took criticism well, that had hurt. In his experience, hard work always paid off. It’s what had earned him a scholarship to college and what had gotten him into Harvard Law. The idea that it might not be enough to get him a partnership was simply…unacceptable.

So, if Mike wanted him to bring in new business, Jonathan would bring in new business. Maybe he wasn’t particularly slick or practiced at glad-handing, but if that’s what it would take to earn a partnership, he’d learn. He had to.


During writing, do you listen to certain soundtracks or snack on a particular item? Who are some of your favorite bands?

I’m someone who needs silence and stillness to write, so I don’t listen to music or snack while I’m working.

When I’m not writing, though, I’m a Christian rock fanatic! I’ve seen TobyMac in concert a couple of times, and my kids like to jam out to his music in the car. I also love listening to Zach Williams, Crowder, Danny Gokey, Austin French, Tauren Wells, Unspoken, Jordan Feliz, We Are Messengers and so many more! I always feel energized and inspired when a great Christian rock song is playing!

Is there a Bible verse which guides you throughout the day? 

Philippians 1:6 is a really good one for me because it reminds me that I’m a work in progress. I don’t have to be perfect—I just have to be open to God’s leading and willing to do the best I can in any given moment.

What advice would you give to a new writer?

Write a story that you want to read! If you’re passionate about your project, other people will be passionate about it, too!

What’s something you’d like your readers to know about you?

My husband is a real-life rocket scientist who’s working on building a spacecraft that will take people to Mars! I might have to try my hand at writing a romance novel set in space one day 😉.

Would you share a tidbit about any novels in the future from you?

I’m working on a couple of new novels at the moment. Fingers crossed that Falling for the Innkeeper is the first book in a whole series set on Cape Cod…

And, are you a coffee or tea drinker? Which is an absolute must flavor for you?

I actually don’t drink coffee or tea—caffeine makes me jittery! I love chocolate, though, and I have a real soft spot for Trader Joe’s dark chocolate raspberry batons.


It’s been fantastic, Meghann, having you stop by for a visit. We’re excited to read your debut novel, and wish you every blessing with it.



A battle for a charming Cape Cod inn…
But what happens when romance checks in?

Single mom Laura Lessoway won’t accept her mother’s plan of selling her late grandmother’s inn without a fight. But when big-city attorney Jonathan Masters arrives to arrange an offer from his client, she’s drawn to him. And working together as he helps with repairs only brings them closer. With his career and her home on the line, can they ever find common ground?

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  1. I agree with Meghann about needing quiet to write. If I listen to music I get lost in the story and get distracted. And I'm glad the Atlantic won out over the Pacific for beaches. I bet your summers were wonderful in Cape Cod. Your story Falling for the Innkeeper sounds wonderful. I wish you the best of luck with your debut novel. And Stacy, as usual, thank you for doing an interesting interview. I loved learning about Meghann and her new book.

  2. Thanks, Barbara, for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day of writing!

  3. Thank you, Barbara! I'm glad I'm not alone in my need for a quiet, calm writing environment. I do indeed have many fond memories from my summers on Cape Cod, and it was really fun revisiting them as I wrote the book :)


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