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Hello, Elaine, thank you for visiting the blog. We’re excited to have you visit. Congratulations on your new novel!

Thank you. It’s always a pleasure to share my books with new readers.

Please tell us about your new novel, which characters are some of your favorites?

The Spirit Woman of Lockleer Mountain is a cozy mystery with a paranormal aspect in the character of the Native Americans’ legendary Spirit Woman, who is said to protect the community. Multiple sightings of a woman running with a mountain lion in the woods often results in a positive outcome in a crisis situation. But, is the woman real or imaginary? Is she Suzanna, a woman who disappeared following an MVA three months ago, living wild in the woods, suffering from amnesia? I think my favorite character is Lou Shoemaker, the owner of a sewer truck called the Pooper Scooper.


Where can your readers purchase your novels?

All my novels, including The Spirit Woman of Lockleer Mountain can be found at Amazon, either by title or under my name, Elaine Faber. I’ve published four cozy cat mysteries, an anthology of ‘cat stories’, and three humorous historical fictions, the Mrs. Odboddy adventures, a laugh on every page. All e-books are just $3.99.


As a mystery writer, what are some movies and/or books that inspire your curiosity?

I often read cozy mysteries. While I enjoy reading other writers’ novels, the books inspire me to write a story that isn’t so predictable, as we so often see in many cozy mystery novels.


You feature a cat in one of your novels, do you have any pets of your own?

I have two housecats and feed two feral cats daily. Boots, a black and white long hair tuxedo cat with white paws was the inspiration for Black Cat in the Black Cat mystery series. With the aid of his ancestors’ memories, he is able to help his ‘person’ solve mysteries and murder.


When you write, do you enjoy a mug of coffee or tea? What are some of the routines you do when you write?

I always have coffee on my desk. I tend to do the majority of my writing in the early morning. I also think about my stories before going to sleep, and often the characters appear in my dreams, giving me new ideas for tomorrow’s plot.


If you could give a piece of advice to a fledgling writer, what would it be?

Join critique groups and attend writing workshops. Don’t be afraid to share your work with others and seek their opinions. Don’t be in a rush to publish your first novel. “We don’t know what we don’t know…” until someone points it out. Be patient and never stop learning the craft.


What are you currently, reading?

I just finished reading two novels published by fellow writer, House of Hoops by June Gillam, and Tapestry of Tears by Michele Drier. As I helped critique both manuscripts, it was a joy to see them in print.


What’s on the writing horizon for you? What can we look forward to seeing novel-wise?

I’m currently working on the sequel to The Spirit Woman of Lockleer Mountain and have a fourth Mrs. Odboddy manuscript completed that will be published in a couple years. I continue to submit short stories to the Capital Crimes annual anthology and the NCPA semi-annual anthologies and annual novel contest. I always enjoy submitting writing topics as guest posts on various blog sites.

There are sightings of a woman and a mountain lion near Lockleer Mountain, seen at moments of crisis. Is she the legendary Native American’s Spirit Woman, sent to protect the community? Nate is convinced his sister, missing for three months, and surely suffering from amnesia, is the elusive woman. He fears she will not survive the coming winter months, living wild in the wood with a mountain lion.

While Deputy Nate Darling pursues a relationship with Lou Shoemaker, he and Sheriff Peabody pursue a drug dealer, selling to the youth at the Native American reservation. Things are even more complicated by civil unrest regarding the government’s secret plans to build a mysterious facility, a big box store, and a housing tract close to Lockleer Mountain, threatening the livelihood of the local merchants.
Is there any hope that the Spirit Woman, real or imaginary, can bring harmony to the troubled community? Will Nate be able to apprehend the drug dealer, locate his missing sister, maintain his budding romance, and guarantee the financial future of Lockleer Mountain?


Elaine Faber lives in Elk Grove with her husband and four feline companions. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Cat Writers Association, and Northern California Publishers and Artists. She volunteers at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop in Elk Grove. Her short stories have appeared in national magazines, and are included in at least 16 anthologies. She leads a critique group in the Sacramento area.

Elaine’s Mrs. Odboddy and Black Cat Mystery series’ have won top awards with Northern California Publishers and Authors annual writers’ contests, and 2018 and 2019 Certificates of Excellence with Cat Writers’ Association.

Elaine enjoys speaking at public author venues and clubs sharing highlights of her novels and her writing experience. She is currently working on two fiction novels to be published in 2021 and 2022.


Where to find out more about Elaine's novels-

Black Cat’s Legacy

Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer         

Black Cat and the Accidental Angel

Black Cat and the Secret in Dewey’s Diary  

NCPA Cover and Interior Design Silver award 2019

All Things Cat (an anthology of short stories)

Mrs. Odboddy-Hometown Patriot     NCPA 1st Fiction 2017

Mrs. Odboddy  Undercover Courier     NCPA 3rd Cover and Design 2018  http://tinyurl/com/jn5bzwb

Mrs. Odboddy – And Then There Was a Tiger   NCPA 2nd Fiction 2019

The Spirit Woman of Lockleer Mountain-

How to connect with Elaine-

Website:  .




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    1. You're welcome, Elaine. It was a blessing to have you on the blog, thank you again so much. Have a beautiful weekend.


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