Weekend Read! A Review of Braced for Love by Mary Connealy


Thank you, Mary Connealy, for the privilege of being on your launch team, it is a thrill! Also, to the publisher, Bethany House, as well. 

My review-

Mary Connealy writes memorable and fun-to-read characters and storylines. Braced for Love starts off her new Brothers in Arms series with a bang!

As I read about hero Kevin Hunt, I felt a pull in my heart for his situation. When he meets Winona Hawkins, that's when the fireworks begin.
This story pulls you along through their journey and other noteworthy characters appear on the pages as well. As I closed the book, it left a grin on my face, and I can't wait for another novel in this series to come out. One enjoyable read, sit down with plans to stay in the chair all day long, you won't want to put it down! If you're headed for spring break or going on a staycation, make sure to bring this novel along. 
I received the book from the publisher and was under no obligation to write nor post a review.


Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

For all of those on spring break, have a great one!

Happy reading, friends!

What I'm stalking my mailbox to read, hurry up Amazon! : )

Toni Shiloh's, An Unlikely Proposal, her books are always page-turning favorites!

Coming Soon:

Becky Wade's, Let It Be Me, her second novel in A Misty River Romance, which arrives in May. Who doesn't love Sebastian Grant??

David James Warren's No Unturned Stone, The True Lies Of Rembrandt Stone, Book 2, which arrives in April. Aren't we all excited to see what happens next?


Jaime Jo Wright's, ON The Cliffs Of Foxglove Manor, which will be out in June. By the cover alone, you can feel the story pulling you into its pages.   

What's a book that's "struck your fancy" recently?


  1. You have such an exciting reading life! I always get great ideas on what to read next from your website. And I love Mary Connealy's stories. They are always super! Thanks for new recommendations.

  2. Hi Barbara! Thank you, I appreciate you saying this. Mary Connealy is a fantastic author, I agree. You're welcome, thank you for always coming to visit the blog. Hugs!!


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