In Between the Pages The Endling by Deborah Maxey!


Congratulations to Deborah Maxey on the release on May 7th of her debut novel! Many blessings!

“Make room on your bookshelf, because once you’ve read it, you’ll want to keep The Endling by Deborah Maxey. With a compelling plot, an element of suspense, memorable character, and lush descriptions, she’s written a page-turner that will draw you into her story. I loved this book!”

-Michelle Cox, bestselling author of Our Daily Biscuit: Devotions with a Drawl, and When God Calls the Heart series


Emerson Coffee is the last surviving member of her Native American tribe, an endling. When she leaves New York City for her beloved Blue Ridge Mountains, she is prepared for a life of solitude and peace in her grandfather’s mountain top cabin. In Deborah Maxey’s debut novel, The Endling, Emerson soon finds herself with some uninvited visitors-two US Marshalls have hunted her down to give her the bad news-a NYC mobster has ordered a hit on her life. Why would someone try to kill her? Will Emerson forfeit the mountains of her heritage to accept their offer and enter witness protection? Or will she trust in her grandfather’s training and her own instincts to save her life?



Thoughts from Author Deborah Maxey regarding her novel-

“There is a profound reverence for God that occurs only in the forest. It has no name. But we who know it experience a deep adoration, a belonging that envelops us, creating the grandest of cathedrals where we connect to Him. Bird songs break the great silence of the woods-the music of worship. Breezes rustle the canopy offering us the rich incense of fresh earth. My lifetime of Christian devotion, Appalachian heritage, finding sanctuary in the forest, and connection to all things Native, created and nurtured a profound longing in me to share the fictional world of The Endling. Like my character Emerson, I am joyous and humbled that as I open my heart, and allow His presence, He reaches back to me with messages through nature. Validating that even the rocks can cry out.” Says Maxey.


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Deborah Maxey grew up immersed in the legends and traditions of Native American and Appalachian culture. A wife, mother, and grandmother, Deborah enjoys camping, hiking, living on a lake brimming with wildlife, and the love of her two Yorkies. Her oil portraits and one-woman art shows helped fund her PhD in counseling. As a psychotherapist and expert witness in the courts, her fascination with characters and conflict drives her passion to create fiction. Information can be found at

Update-My Review

 What a wonderful novel!

The story hits all the right plot notes. Heritage, family, peril. The crescendo- a plot twist had me gobbling up the pages until I reached the end. it's the kind of novel which you'll think about for a long time to come.  

In all, one suspenseful read!