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Thank you, eMarie, for doing this author takeover, it's a privilege to have you on the blog.

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Four years ago, after my husband's stage 4 cancer diagnosis, I maintained a stoic front. In my heart, I believed God and took Him at His word. I knew He cared about what was happening to my husband. To me. That He was still available, able, and in control of every aspect of our lives. But wanted, needed something personal. Something from Him to show me that even though I didn't see it, He was still working, still moving on our behalf.


I got in the car to go to lunch with a group of Bible study friends. As I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, I again asked God for something personal. To let me know He was with me. But a mental check of His goodness, His presence throughout the Old and New Testament brought no startling revelation or singular peace.

Walking into the restaurant, beyond frustrated, I took a deep breath and exhaled. That's when it hit me hard enough to jolt my brain.

My breath!

My first breath was proof of life! Not just my life. Proof of God's existence! Proof of His personal love for me. For each of us. His breath gives us life. He created us for His purposes. Our lives were, are, and forevermore will be personal to Him.

That afternoon, in an effort to capture what God showed me, I penned the first words to A Snowflake's Adventure.

...four years later, my husband is living with cancer and doing well.

A Snowflake's Adventure is a story of God's personal love. To my husband. To me. To every child He's ever created. Unique. Purposeful. We are His one-of-a-kind design. Each. And. Every. One.

By eMarie Merryheartink.com

P.S. On 10/14/21, A Snowflake's Adventure became #1 on Amazon's list of Hot New Releases and #20 on its list of Christian Children's Early Readers! That's what God did!!

A Snowflake's Adventure is available in English and Spanish on Amazon and IngramSpark. For every book sold, one will be donated to Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan's Purse Shoebox drive. Thank you for making this dream a reality!

#Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/s?i=digital-text&rh=p_27%3AeMarie&s=relevancerank&fbclid=

eMarie is a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and an author. She worked in the medical field for over twenty-five years. After completing her B.S.H.S., she became a health educator and received international credentials as a childbirth educator and lactation consultant. She has served as a women’s Bible study leader and participates in local and online writers’ groups and book clubs.

In the past three years, eMarie’s writing has received numerous first-place awards. She’s written a Romance-Comedy/Speculative Fiction story; completed two books in a Middle Grade/Young Adult Suspense trilogy; and has begun work on a Speculative Fiction trilogy based on Biblical gardens. Her

A Snowflake's Adventure, a children's picture book about God's love and exciting purpose for each child, was published in October 2021.

Visit eMarie at her website MerryHeartInk.com (As a bonus for subscribing, you will receive a beautiful snowflake bookmark).

 UPDATE-Natalya Lakhno and Paula Peckham are the winners, congratulations!!

A special #giveaway of eMarie's novel, A Snowflake's Adventure. Please leave a comment on the blog and send your email address to me, Stacy T. Simmons (stacy@stacytsimmonsauthor.com) to be entered into the contest for a paperback copy. (The contest is open to only those residing in the continental United States). The contest closes on Monday,  December 6th. Winner will be selected by a random draw. 

Happy reading, friends! Thank you again, eMarie!


  1. Thank you , Stacy, for hosting my blog post!! I'm excited to send the winner a copy of A Snowflake's Adventure!! Merry Christmas!! :)

    1. You're very welcome, eMarie! It's a thrill to have you on the blog! I can't wait to see who wins! Merry Christmas to you as well! : )

  2. Beautiful testimony ❤️
    I’ve been struggling too when I was diagnosed with cancer. But God is Good!

    1. Dear Natalya, I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis yet I'm so thankful that you know our God!! He is good, and your faith in Him isn't misplaced!!!! Prayers, hugs, and love!! <3

  3. Hi Natalya, Thank you for visiting. Hugs and prayers to you! God is good!!

  4. Such an awesome testimony! Thank you for sharing. I’m sure your words here and in your book will encourage someone who needs to hear the message.

    1. Paula, thank you for coming to the blog and reading eMarie (Erma's) inspiring post. You've been entered into the drawing. Hugs and blessings!! Stacy

    2. Thank you, Paula! That's my prayer - Lord, bless each reader with Your truth!! <3


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