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In the media and in polls, people are sometimes lumped into one of two categories: Christian or non-Christian. But don’t you think there are lots of sub-categories within “Christian”? How about people who call themselves Christian but don’t behave like one? Or those who were raised in a church but fell away? Or people who have doubts about the denomination they’ve been part of?


Are these people Christians?


I truly don’t know. Only God knows their hearts.


When I began writing my novel, Falling Apart, Falling for You, I wanted the characters to display a variety of spiritual messages so that wherever readers are in their walk, they could relate. The main characters are 57-year-old women:


Suzanne was raised Catholic, but fell away when she began her career and family. Lately, she’s been exploring denominations and has begun to dig deeper spiritually.


Rachel was also raised Catholic, and while she still attends church, prays the rosary, goes to confession, etc., she comes to realize how sinful her behavior actually has been.


Marla was not raised in a church and behaved that way. But as she ages, she senses what’s missing in her life and seeks out others strong in their faith—a man in an Assembly of God church and a Baptist deaconess.


Although my novel is a fun and light read, with plenty of romance, the truth is, I wrote it to help readers grow spiritually. I pray readers will pause and reflect on where they are, take an inventory, and make adjustments. Let’s face it, we all need an occasional reminder!


So … the “category” of my book is something like this: Fiction for Mature-Age Women / Contemporary / Romance / Small Town / Friendship Fiction / Christian / Evangelical.


Now that’s quite a category!


Three women. One reunion. A town forever changed.

Fans of Sherryl Woods’ Sweet Magnolia Netflix series, Debbie Macomber’s It’s Better this Way, and Sharon Garlough Brown’s Sensible Shoes series will relate to this “coming of age” tale about three former friends, now age 57, getting together again for their 40th high school reunion in Port Mariette, a tiny blue-collar town south of Pittsburgh, PA.
The women rally one another through changes as well as challenges—including the mayor’s plan to block construction of a new highway exit for the town. The trio must find a way to ensure the exit is built—otherwise, their businesses and the town itself will not survive.

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