In Between the Pages! This I Promise You by Mary A. Felkins

Congratulations, Mary A. Felkins on your new release. Thank you for having me on your launch team. Wishing you many happy moments of writing to come!

What if finding your heart’s desire means entrusting it …just once more … to the one who broke it?
It should not have come as a surprise to school Teacher Adelyn Ormond when she was jilted at the altar,

Promises are meant to be broken.

When her supervisor tasks her with galvanizing support for a local food bank, she directs her energy toward the underprivileged in her community—some of whom are her own students. Problem is, the responsibility requires her to involve celebrity chef, Bryan J. Carlyle, her almost-husband whose participation assures great results.

For all his success, Bryan hasn’t come up with a recipe for how to be restored to his family. Doesn’t help that abandoning Adelyn threatens to spoil his reputation and ruin his career. But when he encounters hungry children scrounging for food behind his restaurant, he agrees to get behind Adelyn’s worthy cause. The collaboration with Adelyn might shed light on the incriminating image he’d discovered minutes before the ceremony—her lip-locked with another man after the rehearsal dinner.

Can Adelyn trust Bryan to make good on his promise—without risking her heart? Will the love that led them to the altar be the key ingredient for reconciliation? Maybe. But his absence on the big day to which he’d committed might be beyond forgiveness.


About Mary-

Mary A. Felkins is an inspirational romance author, blogger, contributor to writer's blogs She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and My Book Therapy.

Raised in Houston, Texas (and forever a Lone Star girl), Mary and her husband Bruce moved to the foothills of North Carolina in 1997. They have four young adult children.

She can be lured from her desk if presented with a large, unopened bag of Peanut M&Ms. A surprise appearance by her teen idol, Donny Osmond, would also do the trick, although she’d likely pass out.

If she likes your first or last name, expect to see it show up in one of her novels.

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My review-

I enjoyed this novella from Mary A. Felkins. With her adept descriptors, I felt as if I were looking over the shoulder of a notable chef. This plus the realistic situations school teacher Adelyn Ormond,  and chef Bryan J. Carlyle encountered made this a page turner.

If you enjoy glimpsing into the "foodie world," and heart-tugging plights such as aiding food insecure people, this is a great read for you. Touches of romance, emotion, and faith are frosting on the cake.


  1. Thank you, Stacy! It was quite a challenge to feature a jilted bride. Who would take back the guy who left her at the altar? But a willingness to dignify the offender with a listening ear brings Adelyn and Bryan back together ... along with a good bit of grace mixed in. Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Hi, Mary! You're welcome. It was indeed a well-crafted story. Blessings!


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