In Between the Pages! Double the fun!! Lions To The Rescue AND Mystery In Crooked Creek Woods by Amanda Cleary Eastep


Congratulations to Amanda Cleary Eastep! Her Tree Street Kids Series books #3 and #4 have arrived!

"Our family loves the Tree Street Kids series! Adults often forget how many challenging things kids face during their developmental years, and these stories tackle big issues with so much hear and humor and just great storytelling, The kids in these stories face really hard issues such as loss, prejudice, anxiety, change, conflict, and relationships in ways that feel relatable and hopeful. What a gift for such a time as this."

-Emily Humphries, host, Simply Stories Podcast

Let's find out about Lions To The Rescue!

Book three in the Tree Street Kids series: If getting tackled is the best way to make new friends, that’s okay with Jack. After all, starting fifth grade at a new school is even rougher than pee wee football. But how can he join the Lions and help Ellison build the Most Epic Bookmobile Bike Ever? Jack devises the perfect game plan–until he fumbles it with the most epic bike crash ever and a game day disaster.

Now it's time for more fun with Mystery In Crooked Creek Woods 

Book four in the Tree Street Kids series: Something fishy is going on in Crooked Creek Woods. Does it have anything to do with the weird lights coming from Ruthie’s neighbor’s yard? Or are the kids’ imaginations running away with them? After all, Jack and Ellison have been hard at work writing a mystery. The Tree Street Kids decide to investigate. Not only do they discover what’s been hidden for centuries in the woods, they also learn about placing their trust in the adults who love and care for them . . . but not before placing themselves in peril.


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