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You've Got a Story to Tell

Anyone on this Earth whether you are a teacher, singer, actor, writer, or none of these, you've got a story to tell. Some may be poignant, make you gasp with laughter, or grab a tissue. Every one of them has meaning. 

2 Corinthians 3:2 says, "You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men;" 

What he has put on your heart is your story to share, to friends, family or as authors do, with persons they've not yet had the pleasure of meeting. Like the picture states you never know how far you can fly until you spread your wings.  

My mother recently finished writing about her late mother. Based on memories from her own mother telling the stories to her as a young girl and later on as an adult. Stories can be familial treasures. History has a story to tell. 

My mother-in-law is the church librarian and she reviews books for their newsletter, she's got some great stories to tell. Romance, mystery, thrillers of Christian fiction, faith-driven stories to…

Road warriors

My husband and I just came back from a road trip to see our oldest daughter at Texas A & M, we stopped on the way down in West, Texas (as Texans and transplanted Texans like my family) do. There were rows upon rows of Kolaches-fruit-filled pillows of dough as well as the sausage variety to choose from. Ten minutes later we were out the door and down the road with an added Diet Dr. Pepper for a caffeine boost. It was worth the side trip to see our daughters and her friends eyes light up later on at the sight of the Slovacek's bakery box.

We usually stop at another Texas staple Buc-ees as well, but we needed to get to College Station for a meeting. If you've never been there, picture a convenience store melded with a gift shop. It's like the Disney equivalent of quick stop places. Any soft drink, they've got it, barbecue, that too, stuffed animals, yes. People buy the t-shirts just to show they've been there.

On the old highways we traveled on, which had interm…

Beauty in everyday things

My husband and I were on a road trip a few months ago and I saw this old barn by the side of the road. Something about the rusty roof and still sturdy sides made me notice. It got me thinking that even commonplace objects can have beauty.
Think about how grains of sand are sculpted into gorgeous creations by artists on a beach or how the leafless tree in the winter looks like a piece of  architecture with its curves and bends.
What we might consider to be not quite up to par may stun or enthrall another person.
Matthew 6 :22 states  "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."  
I hope you see something beautiful in an everyday ordinary thing, because even if it's old and worn, it can still carry a humble elegance and bring you joy.

Fueled by faith and caffeine(?)

I'll admit it, anyone who knows me, friends, family, maybe even the local Starbucks barista is familiar with the idea that I'm NOT a morning person. Maybe more of a mid-morning person.I need something to get my day jump-started. Some might exercise, not me, maybe later in the day. My way to get going is to drink a cup of coffee. If my Keurig doesn't work on a particular day I go to my next source of caffeine. The pantry. It's usually stocked with enough Diet Coke and/or Diet Dr. Pepper for the next century thanks to my husband, "the coupon king." I say this with love in my heart because when we go to the local Kroger people will look at his big book of coupons with a mixture of awe and dare I say envy.

Anyway back to glorious caffeine. I think it all started when I was a child and one of my late father's sisters would give my sister and me a cup full of  "coffee milk," half whole milk and half coffee. Knowing my aunt it had about 3 tablespoons o…

Through His Lens

As I was setting up this blog I realized I needed a photograph of myself. My husband noticed me running around with my cell phone in my hand. No setting was perfect, it was too bright, too dark, too dull. My hair was not "behaving" either. I finally settled on a photo from a while back. Whew! Then it hit me, I needed to adjust my viewpoint, I'm me, a creation of Jesus. His child. As a human we are all perfectly imperfect. We all hold ourselves up to the standards we see on television, in the glossy magazines, on the internet, perfect photos of perfect people.  Let's look through His lens at ourselves, not in a prideful way, an honest one. You are created by His hand. You are special, a singular human being in this very big world. In Song of Solomon 4:7  it states, You are altogether beautiful, my love, there is no flaw in you. We all need to hide this verse in our heart. No matter what we think, we are perfectly imperfect. We are the persons whom He loves.

Moving My Mountains

Once you get to know me you'll see that I am an avid reader, my two-be-read pile grows almost daily and I'll be writing my thoughts about those books. Today I'm sharing one that I have on my nightstand that I had the opportunity to preview, Sue Detweiler's new book, Women Who Move Mountains. Her website is:  www.Sue Detweiler. Com
I've really gotten personally a lot from this book, everyone has their own mountains in their life whether it's doubt, anxiety, family relationships, and childhoods that were less than perfect to name a few. I have some that have been in a heavy backpack as I've been climbing my mountains for some time now. This book has lightened my load and allowed me to move my mountains.
Let me tell you about it. Women Who Move Mountains is cleverly designed. The chapters alternate between stories of women who have overcome their own mountains and thrived and ones with stories from the Bible that correspond with Bible verses to study. Each cha…